Bulk Carrier

STRGCO always provides customers with the most efficient and economical freight & logistics solutions. Through its extensive network, STRGCO may assist you in bulk shipments of Bitumen to markets were bulk shipment is available and viable. STRGCO can assist in CIF deliveries of hot bitumen to your terminal, FOB supplies of bulk Bitumen, assistance in […]


Bitutainers are essentially containers designed for shipment of cold bitumen in larger quantities and in containerized form, with the ability to heat the containers prior to use at the final destination through the application of various burner and heating systems, ranging from Thermal Oil to Electrical solutions. All containers meet all International Maritime rules, regulations […]


Our global marketing teams operate in various locations around the world and undertake to provide cutting-edge research findings into bitumen applications. Our highly qualified consultants offer cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs in industrial, professional trade and domestic fields. Our advanced laboratory equipment will not only be a confirmation of our unrivaled quality but […]


Bitumen Emulsions have being developed and exponentially increased since they were created in 1900. Estimated presently at 20% of the global bitumen use, bitumen emulsions are basically an O/W – Oil on Water solution – A dispersion of bitumen particles on water, stabilized with the addition of surfactants – Surface active agents – or most […]

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