The Polyethylene Bag is a revolutionary system assisting in the bitumen transport. It provides a cost efficient alternative to Bitumen drums. The Polyethylene bags are capable of holding 30 to 50 kg of bitumen. Advantages over the steel drums: • In general the waste which remains in drums accounts for 3-4%, with Polyethylene Bag bags there is no residual waste; • The packaging does not pollute the environment, as drums are hard to recycle and re-sell, especially for projects where the Bitumen is melted distantly from the port at deep inland locations. • The system is easy for shipping and storing; • Bitumen is delivered and melted at a convenient location; • The cost of labor is reduced; • Due to more efficient heating (only the bitumen is heated and not the drum), carbon emissions are reduced; • Due to using and melting bitumen only when needed, the constant energy consumption to keep bitumen heated is avoided, which results again in lower carbon emissions; • Due to cold shipment of the cargo across the world, saving of more carbon emissions in comparison to bulk shipments, which requires constant heating during ocean voyages STRGCO provides complete solutions around the Polyethylene Bags System, from supply to melting and storage tanks.
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