The Bitutainer has now become a widely recognized name in Bitumen industry. The Bitutainers are ISO standard 20′ containers which makes them essentially versatile for road, train and sea transport. Incorporating the key design principles of high carrying capacity, operator safety, heat efficiency and durability, the Bitutainer is the optimal solution in bitumen transportation and intermediary storage. These bitumen containers are used to deliver bulk bitumen from the supply terminal, directly inland to customer’s sites. All Bitutainers are fully equipped with insulation and heating facilities. The use of Bitutainers provides economic benefits such as minimal residual waste compared to drums whereby 3% of product is not salvageable, lowering the cost of logistics management process, since it holds an equivalent of 120 drums, Also offer various controllable, low energy heating options compared to drums. Furthermore, there a lot of operational and HSE benefits in using Bitutainers.
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