The African continent, composed of 54 countries, with a population of nearly one billion people, is the continent of opportunity. This continent has a special significance in the world of commercial merchandise in terms of its place of business, which, according to many experts, is the world’s future market. Roadways is one of the key sectors that determines a country’s economic growth. According to figures from the World Bank, the African continent only has 204 km of road per 1000 sq. km of land area, out of which only a quarter is paved. The world average is 944 km per 1,000 sq. km, with over half paved. STRGCO which has been active in various projects in Kenya for more than 22 years, has decided to expand its operations to bulk bitumen and innovative packaging solutions, thus reducing the cost of delivery and maintaining high quality bitumen will meet the needs of other African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Republic of the Congo, …
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