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Penetration Grade Bitumen

Penetration Grade Bitumen

It is created by forcing air through liquid bitumen, which causes it to harden into a form with a high penetration value (a gauge of the substance’s hardness). Hot mixBitumen commonly contains penetration bitumen as a binder and a waterproofing substance. It is the best product to use in cold weather and in regions with high traffic because of its low viscosity and high penetration value.

Bitumen (often referred to as asphalt) is categorized using the penetration grade system according to how hard or viscous it is. The depth to which a standard needle (with a 1/10 inch2 circular cross-section) penetrates into a sample of bitumen at a certain temperature (usually 25 or 60 degrees Celsius over a specified period of time) determines the penetration grade (typically 5 or 10 seconds).

The amount of tenths of a millimeter that the needle penetrates the bitumen is used to describe the penetration grade. For instance, a penetration grade of 40 indicates that the needle penetrates the bitumen by 40 tenths of a millimeter. The bitumen becomes softer and more viscous as the penetration grade increases.

Bitumen with a penetration grade is

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